Gnome Warrior Appreciation Thread

02/11/2013 12:14 AMPosted by Tosoto

You should stay away from schools.

You should stay away from ugly! :V

Male human player. Its ok sweetheart I know you're a bit slow.
02/10/2013 11:37 PMPosted by Skill
Gnome female warriors are the best possible combination of beauty in Azeroth.

You should stay away from schools.

I know you probably spent a lot of time during your formal education farming dirt, but Gnomes are not children.
Orc is the only true Warrior Race!
I don't know why you are all hating on gnomes. The only race that would ever be worth going Alliance in my opinion is the superior race: Gnomes.

If you are hating on Gnome warriors it's probably because you've never experienced the joys of playing one. I watched a youtube video of a gnome fury warrior back in TBC charging around WSG with two one-handers wrecking people and it looked like so much fun that I made one.

A Gnome warrior is essentially a little ball of steel running around tough as nails smacking people left and right and there is nothing more fun...

I have been Horde for a while now and hate most Alliance but I'll always have a soft spot for those little Gnomes(you know who you are!)

p.s. best racial emotes are Gnome emotes.

edit: and I absolutely DESPISE Blood Elf Warriors.... faux warriors.

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