[H] 486 Healer & 488 DPS lf 3-night Raiding

TL;DR: [H] Priest/Druid & Hunter lf 3-nights, 7:30pm or later start

    »Holy Priest: ilvl 486, solid shadow off-spec
    »Resto Druid: ilvl 479, no viable off-spec (preferred class)

    »Hunter: ilvl 488, MM, BM
    »Paladin (not yet geared, but could crank it out and fill any role)
    »Shaman (not yet geared, but could crank it out and fill any role)

Looking for
»10-man or 25-man (we just want to kill !@#$, don't care format)
»3 nights per week (tue/wed any time; rest of days after 7:30 pm)

Between us we have
    »Raided on/off most tiers since 2004 (MC, BWL, BT, SWP, ICC, etc)
    »Professional and mature attitude toward raiding; we want to down %^-*
    »Various experience with server firsts and HM's throughout the years
    »We are very skilled and are frequently able to top meters and stay alive

The long version
We are the only remaining of a group of RL friends that still play. We transferred to Hyjal from a dying server. We are simply looking for a raid team that is professional, has minimal breaks, corrects the mistakes they make, and has strong leadership. Please contact me in-game at JasonC#1672.
Will send you a battle.tag next I'm online. Good luck finding something that fits you.
<Prophets of Fury> is recruiting all classes, especially healers. Whisper Serenoa, Vei, Pänts in game for more info. We raid 10pm-1am server time on Tues, Wed, Thur.

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