[H] Reapers Asylum LF raiders

<Reapers Asylum> (Lvl 25) Is now looking for a few members to fill out our two core groups.

We have two raid groups running at separate times. There is an evening group 6 to 9 server time, and a later run that runs 9:30pm to Midnight server time.

The evening group is looking for a 1 tank, 1 dps, and 1 healer (shammy or druid)

The later group is looking for 1 dps (melee leather wearer, or ele sham/boomkin.) and a healer with a dps offspec (anything but pally)

The guild is 6/6 MsV and going into HoF within the week. Once these groups fill up and we dont have to pug people progression is going to start coming very quickly. The guild as a whole is also openly requiting members all types of players are welcome.

Please reply to this post for more information. Thank you. =]

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