487 Mage LFG

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Looking for a guild that does not raid sundays and starts around 7.30/8pm AEST.

I live in the USA on the west coast, but due to working the 2nd shift at the factory i work at, I like to play on the oceanic servers since your primetime is when i play the most.

I have 6/6 and 4/6hof down, and other never downed outside LFR.
I play frost but i'm trying to get used to arcane, although may stay frost once 5.2 comes out

looking to stay horde and for a progression based guild, not hardcore, but very focused on progressing

any questions leave them here and i'll get back to u guys asap

Hey Xeekz, would you be interested in joining a Daytime US Guild? We Raid 10am til 2pm CST (Central) which I think is 8am til 12 (Noon) PST. Our Raid days are Wed/Thurs/Fri/Mon (no weekends).

Exiled From Hell is the #1 Daytime Raiding Guild. We're very progression focused but not hardcore just like you would want. We're sitting at 12/16 Heroic right now with Heroic Empress going down this week.

We have a strong need for more DPS so feel free to check us out if this sounds good.

Hey Xeek

I run a semi casual 2 night a week raiding roster on a Wednesday and Thursday 7 - 10 AEST (an hour behind server during the current daylight savings) On Aman'Thul, please take the time to read this post. We have what you're looking for.

Our team consists of 11 men, 8 of which have been playing since BC together. We have also raided hardcore and pushed to 11/12 ICC HM in WotLK on Frostmourne horde side. We transferred back at A'T to cut back on the time required to play the game.

Although we didn't raid much in cata we came back in firelands briefly to knock over the normal content and again in dragon soul to get 6/7 HM. We didn't like cata much and spent the majority of our time just pvp'ing. Our warrior reached gladiator.

Our first raid of this expansion was last thursday after getting the lads back from holidays and getting back into the swing of things. 10 hours of progression, cleared MsV in its entirety. Our group has an average gear score of 474... I think you can imagine the skill required to accomplish that in such a short period of time.

We are a group of experienced players who are keen to get the most out of our raiding in the short time we're all available. We knuckle down, you can expect to see similar practices that you experienced in your old hardcore progression guild. Just not to the same extent.

Time not spent raiding is usually spent pvp'ing in a group. We have QQ raid leader in there who usually runs our own, private premades. Which are INCREDIBLY fun. Two days ago we ran with 8 guildies in AV and achieved perfection. Pretty fun at max level. We also get into our arena and rated battle grounds

What i can offer you is a permanent position. What I expect from you, is your absolute best when it comes to progression. We are second to none. I can proudly say our raiders have the skills to compete in any hardcore guild, and have for a very long time. After all, we have two challengers, a gladiator, three X oceanic top 3% players and others we have taught to play over the years.

The average age of our guild is 24. We have two gents over 30 and three younger ones under 20. However, everyone gets along like glue. I honestly think that we can offer you a more personalized experience than 95% of the current guilds who would have you. As the GM I started my raiding career here on Aman'Thul 4 years ago and played Juggernaught and Brute Force (top 10 oceanic guilds). Eventually leaving for frostmourne where i ran my own guild through ICC and the end of cataclysm, until returning to Aman'thul last year to slow down.

matthew.brdjanovic@gmail.com is my real ID, hopefully i can convince you to come over to us. I can't wait to fill our raid team with its last spot.

Got skill? Join stable guild of awesome dudes and prove your worth. Sweat for the progression kills and feel the adrenaline and satisfaction of a job well done.

All the best whatever you decide, War
bump, still looking and will maybe talk to you two tonight
Atlanta is currently looking for a mage for its monday or sat team with prospects of a Thursday run as well main team atm is 10/16. Looking for mechanic capable and resiliant people. We tend to recruit to our progression team through internal recruitment so advancement is possible including gearing runs.

Give us a yell i you want to talk other wies gl in your serrch

BTW raids are 8 to 11 AEST or ST on Dath Remar
bump again, still looking
Hi Xeekz

Luminosity is currently seeking a skilled Mage. We are a Horde Guild located on Oceanic server Barthilas focused on heroic progression raiding through content, with a goal of becoming one of the servers top raiding guilds in 5.2.

Our current progression is 4/6 Heroic MsV, 2/6 Heroic HoF, 4/4 ToES.
Our raid times are Wed/Thurs/Mon 8:00-11:30pm SvT (+10GMT/AEST) with the progression night set on the occasional Sunday 8-11:30pm

Please visit http://luminosity-barthilas.com to apply.

If you have any further questions please contact one of our officers via Battletag:


Focused @ Frostmourne needs a mage.

6/6 H MSV
2/6 H HoF
0/4 H ToES

Come drop an app (or add maizoku#1321) @ www.focused.enjin.com
bump, now 487.... looking for something to joing and start 5.2 with
another bump.... looking to join and guild and run a few raids to prove myself before 5.2 hits

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