[H] Defeat 10m 11/16HM, Lf Tank

Currently recruiting:

Prot Warrior, Paladin or Druid - with DPS offspec.

Other classes may apply, they will definately be considered.

Tier 14: 10man.

Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6 Heroic.

Heart of Fear: 4/6 Heroic.

Terrace of Endless Springs: 1/4 Heroic.

Who we are:
Defeat is a guild originally from Thaurissan but has recently decided to reform on Barthilas. We have brought over the best of our Players and are looking for others with equal skill to join us. Through progression there were a few in guild troubles with Attendance, this created tension in raids. After accepting the guild cannot function the way it had been, 5 of our most skilled raiders left to reform on Barthilas. We had a taste of heroics and nevertheless are hungrier then ever to finish this tier with 16/16HM and continue on into 5.2.

Want we want from you:
Being 10man we require 90% attendance. The ability to play your class to the highest of standards as possible. You should be intuitively researching all current and coming content and making yourself familiar with the mechanics of fights.

What you can expect from Defeat:
Like minded skilled players, who share the same passion for progression as one another. We all have the same mindset which is to finish content as fast as possible and have fun while doing it.

Raid Times

Wednesday: 8:00pm till 11:30pm st.

Thursday: 8:00pm till 11:30pm st.

Sunday: 7:00pm till 11:00pm st.

Please note: Raids form 15 minutes before raid starts giving us time to clear trash etc.
Raid times may be extended when progressing.

How to apply

Apply through our guild website at http://defeat.shivtr.com/

For any questions, feel free to contact me on Cruzlah#1332. If I am unavaible you can also add Razerhax#1965 or Sarg#1491.

Thank you & Hope to hear from you soon.
bump for a hoe
499ilvl Prot Paladin LF Core spot.

Currently 2/13 ToT

I'm looking for a guild with competent raiders that make the effort to know their class and boss requirements.
Raided competitively in DS and cleared at 10% nerf.
Always researching fights and being prepared is key.
Looking to push for progression.

Hope to be considered.


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