Nat Pagle

I don't know about anyone else but I'm rather sick and tired of trying to fish up these 3 fish to gain rep with him. Blizz you really need to fix this more than an hour everyday sometimes on just one fish is too much to ask. Its not like the items he's selling are game changing. I'm not going to get best friends and suddenly be able to one shot raid bosses. Add some daily quests even if its just one a day be reasonable please
In patch 5.2, the fishes' drop rate will be increased and the amount of rep per turn-in will be increased.
I'll just wait then. Worst grind in the game ever. Even the original Wintersaber grind was better.
I'm waiting on it, too. I have the walrus-guy fishing pole, and I'd like Nat's hat (with its free lure). Not optimum gear, but I'll settle for "I kept up with my TV shows, so it's good enough" gear. :-)
Spent 2.5 hours today fishing for the 3 fish. It took 5 casts to get the spinefish alpha. Another 313 casts to get the flying tiger gourami and another 280 casts to get the mimic octopus. I hope they raise the drop rate significantly because 598 casts to get the 3 fish which net 1650 rep is just too much for a crappy hat that gives +5 to fishing and a free +150 fishing lure.
I always thought Kurenai rep was bad.

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