Nagrand oceanic server is so low on ores!

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i have recently started a mining buisness where customers ask for a specific type of ore and how much of that ore, i had a customer ask for 210 cobalt bars, i have very cheap prices, i said 105g will do he said no, i'lll pay 500g i said wow thanks, so i went to northrend to mine cobalt and i was lucky enough to get 79 cobalt ore!, i went all across borean tundra, grizzly hills and howling fjord, 4 hours later i have my 79 cobalt ore. its been strange because i just hit 70 the other day on my paladin and i went to northrend and i saw so much cobalt, now my death knight this guy was in dalaran, so i went to the spots where i saw the cobalt and it just dissapeared!
also if maybe a server restart could help this tuesday?
thanks hope im not the only one on my server having trouble,
also it seems every ore i've gone to look for except copper theres been almost none!
thanks again :P
I found the BC stuff the hardest to farm... the expansions in general do not have a very high turnover because many people level in dungeons or such instead.

For farming routes, I would recommend looking at - plenty of maps showing optimum routes for different mats. Howling Fjord is recommended as No. 1 but there is a special loop to follow that has maximum yield. Borean Tundra works as an alternative, but Grizzly Hills is likely not a good idea as it isn't even listed.
Vanilla, BC, WotLK and Cata zones are all Cross Server now.
Not only players from your server will see the ore nodes, but players on several other servers too, and they will be able to mine them. This will likely result in less ore nodes being available as more players have access to them.
For cobalt, try out Wintergrasp.

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