The Art of Ruin 6/12 LF Heals & DPS

The Art of Ruin is a 10 man raiding guild that transferred to Stormrage in early January. Prior to coming here we were raiding on the Burning Legion server. We started raiding as a guild in the Lich King expansion. Initially starting with 8-9 RL friends we slowly lost some due to commitments outside of WOW and picked up players to replace them throughout the course of the previous expansions. However this tier has been a bit taxing causing us to lose a few more and being on a dying/dead server recruitment was non existent.

Previously we've downed most heroic bosses(at various buff points), feel free to check my armory for specifics. Off the top of my head Rag, and some bosses in the first tier are the only ones we didnt kill last xpac(Heroics anyways).

Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:30pm-11pm. We are looking for people able to make all 3 nights as we only like to carry 10 raiders so we dont have to sub people out to avoid drama.

At the moment we are looking for:
Heals: Priest, Druid, Shaman, Monk.
DPS: Mage, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, DK.

*Gear is not an issue. If you are a little behind we have no problems helping you gear up to catch up to where we are at.

*Looking for people who are interested in raiding, and have no problems wiping learning fights while on progression fights.

Feel free to get a hold of me in game if have any questions or are interested.
Still looking for some players.
483 Hunter interested.

iLevel is a little low as I just started up raiding again. Here you can take a look at the few logs I have:

I know my class and play it well.

Tsuno#1785 If you'd like to talk.
Still looking for some people. Looking for some DPS to kill stuff for our healers and tanks.
Updated, looking for a few DPS that can make our raid times.
Another update. Got into TOES the first time and cleared the first 3 bosses with relative ease, but still need to fill 1 raid spot with a DPS or Healer.
Update for progress and what were looking for.
Update progression and what were looking for.
Still looking for either a heals or DPS for an immediate spot.
Update progress to 5/12. Still looking for a DPS(Mage) and a HEALER(Priest).
Update progress. Still looking for a mage and a priest heals.

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