Transferring to server, WTS Level 25 guild ..

I will be transferring this toon from the Alliance side of Icecrown (US) to the Horde side of Hyjal (US) late next week. I am bringing with me a level 25 guild which currently has three tabs. As I will have no need for it other than transferring my gold and stock from my current server, I will be putting it up for sale.

I am going to be performing a full guild server and faction swap. This grants me a free name change on the guild also. I am looking for somebody who would be interested in purchasing it. 5.2 is right around the corner and what better way for the aspiring GM/raid leader to start their own team with a guild already max leveled?

I will entertain offers throughout the week and once I have a guaranteed buyer, I can negotiate the price and name. Name selection will require a deposit of half of the negotiated price. If I don't have any takers by the time I move servers I will just name it myself and the buyer will have to pay for their own name change.

I have sold a few guilds before, so I am very aware of their value. I will not entertain low-ball offers. I am also open to trading to reduce the negotiated price.

Any interested buyers please feel free to add my battletag: Synyster18#1167

Have a great day and see you all in a week!

let me know what you are asking. Mail me at
Just add my battletag and talk to me about it in-game. Thanks.

Also anybody else interested needs to let me know by midnight tomorrow night. I will be transferring Friday morning.
Bump. Moving servers tonight.
Bump. Transferring servers within the next couple of hours.

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