[H] <Slack> Tichondrius 10 Heroic LFM

<Slack> of Tichondrius is looking for a few more to help progress through heroic encounters.

About us:

We are a close group of friends who enjoy killing interweb dragons together and happen to be pretty good at it. We take raiding seriously but have a very relaxed and lighthearted atmosphere in guild and raid.

Slack has been around since TBC in its current form and is one of the few horde side guilds to still be together with most of it's core from that time.

We raid T-TH 5:30-9:00 PST (Server Time)

Current Needs:

We are currently looking for an off tank with DPS offspec and a non-hunter ranged DPS class. We ask that applicants be well geared enough to step in to heroic progression without the need to catch up on gear.

Skilled players of any class are also welcome to apply, though preference will be given to our current needs. If you are looking for a stable home, we encourage you to apply at http://www.slackguild.net
Still searching for 2 more to bolster our ranks.
Come tank and spank with us!

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