Glyphs - PvP Holy

Just wondering what other Paladins are using, as the title says.

I've been using Flash of Light, Light of Dawn, and Blinding Light.
I'll be swapping out LoD for sure, as it's not too useful in PvP, I don't think, and maybe Blinding Light too. I'm considering Turn Evil or Denounce; maybe Blessed Life.
blessed life and beacon
It kind of depends on what you're facing.

Beacon of Light is a must. If you're not juggling Beacon, you're not doing it right (in PvP). Flash of Light is a good glyph, if you find yourself using it a lot. If it's all you spam, you'll run out of mana quick.

I use Divine Protection as my default just because. It gives you a nice cover of everything, which is great for BGs.
Beacon is the only required glyph imo

Other ones are flash of light, protector of the innocent, denounce.

Really depends if you are doing rbgs or arena.
I use beacon, flash, and turn evil. Turn evil is the best. Those darn phsyfiends, warlock pets, do pets and licheborne dks spend a lot of time feared. As they should be.
Just curious who do you usually beacon? the guy you are healing for the extra holy power charge? or the person you arent healing so 2 people get heals?

yah since its off the gcd you can pretty much juggle it around to generate the most holy power charges. The split heal with FoL or DL isn't worth it over the extra HP charge imo.

Its good to keep your beacon on a diff target when you HS or WoG/EF for the split heal tho.

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