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Mobile Bug Report
For the past 24 hours or so Ive been unable to get into the Remote Auction house on certain servers. Hyjal and Eonar are the noticeable ones while Garona and Kilrogg work fine. Another friend at work was unable to access from his characters on Eonar also. I am getting:

The Remote Auction House is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Android app with both HTC evo 4G LTE and a Transformer TF101.
Hmmm, we just checked the internal status and do not see any issues. What Mobile Armory version are you running?
I am having the same issue, currently using v 5.2.1 of mobile app. I thought it was the app at first, removed and re-installed. Also updated phones software to most current, still no luck. I can check my Rexxar AH but not Hyjals
5.2.1 is the version i am currently running. Both on the tablet and phone. No issue until I upgraded. Didnt log in rigbt after update so not sure if that is directlty related.
Having the same issue with mine as well. 5.2.1 iPhone 5.
Same issue here 5.2.1 Droid Razr ICS
I also did uninstall / re-install

Toons on Scarlet crusade can access the AH, but no one on Hyjal.

This is day 3, Losing money here Blizz.
"The Remote Auction House is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."

since Wednesday. (also on hyjal)

I access it via the website.
is it really you David Eddings?
Just adding to confirm also having the issue deleted and re-installed more than once the 5.2.1 version on Galaxy S3 4.1.1, Ipad 2 Wi-fi iOS 6.1 also can't access using the website either. Problem only on my characters in Hyjal server.
I have had same issue with mobile auction house access. I am logging in from the internet. I can access all of my characters on Drenden server, but cannot access Hyjal toons. All of my Hyjal toons are noted as "in game" status even though I am not in game at the time. First ticket sent me to run repair and remove all apps. Didn't help. Second ticket on issue sent me here. Glad it is not just me, but would like to see this fixed!
I updated to the most recent version (5.2.1) and now can't access the Mobile Auction on Hyjal but can on Durotan. I can't even see my gold amounts at the bottom on my Hyjal characters. Started yesterday (0201/2013) and only after updating.
Same. All my Hyjal server toons cannot access the Remote Auction House. I'm using 5.2.1.
Same, can't access any of my Hyjal toons on the app since the update. Other servers seem fine, but can't access any characters on Hyjal. Says "The Remote Auction House is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." Been like this for a few days now.

Armory App v5.2.1
iPhone 4S iOS v6.1
iPhone 5 iOS v6.1
iPad retina iOS v6.1
Same here. 5.2.1. Droid 2.
Same here. I'm using a Galaxy S2 Epic and for the past three days now I've been unable to use the Auction House on any Hyjal character. However if I switch to a character on another server, it works fine. But my main is on Hyjal so this is a big deal!
You know this is all Tree's fault. Somehow.
I am having the same difficulty. All my toons on Hyjal show that the remote auction house is down. On toons on other servers it is working. I have restarted my iphone, uninstalled and reinstalled, and logged in and out multiple times. This has been going on since I updated it last week.
I am having the same issue. My alts on Suramar, eitrigg, llane, nathrezim, executus, illidan, mal'ganis, runetotem, and staghelm all show my gold balance when I log on to them and I can access the auction house. HOWEVER, I CANNOT SEE MY GOLD BALANCE NOR ACCESS THE AH ON HYJAL.

Sadly, the only toons I am currently actively using the AH for are on Hyjal.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could acknowledge this issue and give us status updates. I understand that an anomaly like this may take some time to correct, but knowing that you are working on it would greatly ease my mind... especially since we are paying to use your app.

Same problem here. Armory 5.2.1 on iPhone 6.1. Hyjal server. It has been saying Remote Auctionhouse Temporarily Unavailable since last week.
We're investigating this AH outage.

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