No remote auction house - Unavailable

Mobile Bug Report
I just verified that this is no longer happening with our characters on Hyjal. Can anyone else confirm this?
I can confirm that characters on Hyjal now work on the armory app.

Im using v5.2.3,
Cant acces my AH, server gundrakk(oceanic)
I'm using version 5.2.3
I cannot access my AH I'm on the bleeding hollow server
Version 5.2.3. iPhone 5.
Haven't been able to access AH since around Thursday last week. Same error others posted.
I'm on Korgath.
Havent been able to access ah, either by app or on Gives error code 500. Down since 6212013...
i am having the same issue, but i am also unable to log into guild chat on this toon. but i am able to log into guild on all my other toons i have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but no progress. My phone is the HTC Droid DNA

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