Shadow Live Stream

Check out my shadow priest live stream if you wanna pick up some tips and tricks.
Good luck with views. :)
You've got my view brother. It's a quiet night here, and this is exactly the thing I was looking for.
Thanks guys :) sorry it's a tad laggy, streaming over wifi rather than plugged into my router. The stream isn't keeping up real time either, about 15 minutes behind.
S'all goodman, i'll just assume it's my slow internet and everything is perfect on your end. Deal?
I need a better healer for 3s ;_;
I'll be streaming 3s this weekend :)
You seem like a nice guy but hearing you say "that's gay" every minute or so really irritates me.
On the stream? I haven't been able to even stream my voice on the stream, if it's one of the arena recordings that would be the mage's voice not mine.

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