Core RBG group to push 2.2k

Hello!. I am putting together a core RBG group to push 2.2k this season, i have a few 2k-2.3k exp players already but i'm in need of a few more players for our core group.

This is a serious group looking to push rating not to just cap on conquest, this will also be a Cross-Realm core group.


You must be able listen and follow instructions, if the target caller calls a target you must be able to listen and respond and same goes for when the leader tells you what to do you must be able to follow his instructions.

You must be full malevolent and 1800+ Current rating, and be 2k+ exp in either Arena or RBG's or close to it.

You must have Skype/Working mic and be able to talk .

What we need;

Destro Warlock - Flag carrier - Frost DK Target caller - Rdruid - Hpally or MW Monk.

If you have any more questions i'd be happy to answer them on this post or you can contact me at my Battletag, Burnbabyburn#1395

Looking to hear from you :).
lets cap points in 2s
Hey, I'd be interested in joining a core group for 2.2 push before the season ends.

Have a 2073cr Resto / Boomkin Druid, full malevolent except for trinkets. Multiple 2/2 T1 upgrades as well, including weapon.

Also have a 1740cr Prot War FC that I'd be interested in using if the team MMR is below 1900. Full malevolent except for cloak and trinkets, gemmed and enchanted for FC.

My battle-tag is Lee#11539

PS - Are you Korean?
I'll talk to you in game when you are on, and no i'm not Korean :P
Bump, still looking!
May be filled on Boomkin/FC
r1 ninja cap
I'm currently at 2k cr and the only reason for that is because I've been running guildies and friends through rbgs. I have t2 and most upg pieces with full malv and I play resto and boomy just as good as each other. I have perfect beam timings and I am good with healing also mostly topping charts at 2200. I have 2300 arena xp and I'm interested in your group.

My Btag is Roo#1850 if you're interested

Thank-you and have a nice day.
P.S (skype, mumble, vent w.e I have it + mic)
Set you a Battletag request! would like to have you in our group

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