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It's destroying his life.

...well, not that much.

......well, not really much whatsoever.

.........well, not at all whatsoever, actually.

Hoiecow has an unhealthy obbsession with the colour yellow.

It dictated his choice of armor, his home and his friends.

He once drank a bucket of yellow paint.

My nelf makes endless tautological statements.

... is that even a word?

Odren... likes to read greeting cards. I'm sure they exist somewhere in Azeroth. A Goblin would want to cash in on that enterprise.
Zalither, my worgen rogue, says, "'Oi!" a lot. It means a lot of different things to him.

Seyna/Kailiang, my belf, wiggles his ears when he is very happy.
My hunter is a poorly socialized human being with a laugh that sounds like a hyena's cackle and she has a tendency to invade personal space for giggles. She also likes telling the more handsome belf males to 'take it all off' while waving a gold coin even when in a fight with them. XD
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A Goblin would want to cash in on that enterprise.

Now THAT is a good idea!

Mine has a habit of wandering around Silvermoon, trying to sell insurance to the elves.
My blood elf, Donika, has a habit of being mean/killing small things. She simply hates small creatures and races... Its horrible I know. However, before you flame me (and her) its because she herself is very short and because of being bullied, she has a complex. Oh and when I say short, I mean she is a midget compared to most blood elves.
Aarclis speaks slowly... because he's decayed.

As well, he likes to state when things are objective and subjective.
Caydon constantly salutes people and calls them 'sir!' or 'maam!'. He's a farm boy turned soldier/adventurer, and very naive and excitable. He treats everyone that's not a farmer with the utmost respect because he doesnt know any better.
Vyn has a very bad problem with assuming that he's a lot smarter than everyone else considering that he's spent vast amounts of time studying the Scourge and obsessing over it. He's a self-proclaimed Professor and feels like he is a lot smarter at anyone else at whatever subject they do it in. And even if you prove to him that you are better at the subject than him he'll disregard the subject entirely and say that only people like you would study it anyways. By now he should be dead, and in fact he is, but he is good at his job so if putting up with his obnoxious behavior will help to destroy the Alliance they would do so, unhappily however.
Mebahiah tends to breathe and blink occasionally when talking to other people. Normally, she does not perform those actions. Curious.
Erani smokes all the time.

All. The. Time.

Even in the most inappropriate times.


"Dear Light! Deathwing is attacking Stormwind!" /uses burning building to light cigarette
omansi like to drink

a lot

he also likes to stare into nothingness
He has a strange hatred for demon summoning warlocks.

The demons play no part actually. Mostly based on attitude of their users. He loves to try to knock them off their high chair.

Tends to backfire. Sometimes literally.
Cyaer fishes. When his head is full of questions, doubts, or he needs to make difficult decisions, he fishes. He contemplates the positives and negatives of a situation, while watching a bobber in the water.

It calms him, and it gives him pause to think things though thoroughly, and aids him in so many ways. He has developed a sense of patience, that helps him in rushed moments of decisions.

Fishing. And it pays well too.
Zhalario likes to speak of himself in the third person. at times he is found humorous, but mostly just aggravating.

Zhalario has lost many friends and is very lonely now...
My goblin likes to repeat words, like "Is this dress amazing, or is it amazing?"
Dots likes to sleep in crypts. Screw beds!

I also have a paladin who likes getting drunk.

And a warrior who once broke his arm jumping off of Grommash Hold illegally on a dare.

My characters can get crazy.

Oh, last thing: Witch doctor who uses the magical fumes from his potions to get baked. Heeyah.
Mier has a tendency to stop listening to people who are talking to her and start paying attention to her cat.

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