Heroes and Legends 16/16N 4/16H Recruiting

Hello everyone! Heroes and Legends on Stormrage is looking for a 1 tank,1 healer and a few dps to flesh out our ten man raid roster. We are looking for mature and serious raiders to fill vacant spots.

Please visit our website if interested in applying or contact an officer in game for recruitment details.
Status: semi-hardcore
Raid size: 10-man
Guild Website: http://hnl.shivtr.com/
Officers (by char name): Ðxt, Zavinn, Lheway, Reinnier, Greenfelpowa

Current Recruitment Needs: Would like to see someone with experience in at least current content normal modes or full clears of looking for raid mode with a 480+ gear item level. Heroic encounter experience is preferred.

Preferred Classes/Specs:
Paladin (Prot/Ret)
Priest (Disc/Shadow)
Warrior (Prot/Fury)

Even if your current class/spec does not show up on this list feel or if you do not meet the ilvl listed free to drop an application on the guild website ( listed above ) or speak with an officer ( also listed above ).

Raid Schedule:
Monday: 8:30- 11:30pm EST (If needed)
Tuesday: 8:30- 11:30pm EST
Wed: 8:30- 11:30pm EST
Thursday: 8:30- 11:30pm EST

About Heroes and legends: We originated from the Terokkar server but tranfered here due to the lack of raiding population on Terokkar. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that formed shortly after Wotlk was released. Many of our members came from guilds that lacked awareness and dedication to end game raiding, so Heroes and Legends was created to be that guild.

What Heroes and Legends Provides:
-A laid back atmosphere in guild but we strive for good solid progression while raiding.
-Upon gaining a raid spot with Awareness, flasks, food, pots and guild repairs are provided (though everyone contributes mats to the guild bank when they can).
-A raid core with solid, aware, healers, dps, and tanks (some of which have been around in WoW since vanilla.
-Knowledge of current content and heroic modes, with officers and raiders who research and strategize the best ways to progress through that content.

What Heroes and Legends Desires:
-Encounter awareness- boss/encounter mechanics: stay out of fire, link up when needed, interrupt, etc.-Raiders that understand their class and spec, coming to raid with fully gemmed/enchanted gear, hit/exp caps met, etc.
-Raiders that read up/watch videos on upcomming progression encounters before they are attempted so they know what to expect.
-Raiders for permanent long term raid spots with our core 10 man group.

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