[H-10] T/Th LF Casters for Heroics

Guild Recruitment
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Yeah. that monkey was a sick pervert
Looking for DPS for Thunder King!
you guys still looking for tht dps for your team?
well i just put in an app and sent you a battle tag friend request so we can talk.
Come kill Trolls with us!
Lets go titan hunting!
I plan on murderstabbing the Thunder King in his stupid face! Want to join me?
Happy Tuesday Guild Hunters
Freeweezy hangs out with models!
I do! Come hang out with me hanging out with models!
Its like hang out inception!
Mana mana!
Do do dododo.
Hi everyone. Time to Pewpew dem bosses!
Roster growing, apply now!
Need Casters!
Goster rrowing, npply aow!
Just a spot or two left. App now!

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