[H-10] T/Th LF Casters for Heroics

Guild Recruitment
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App now to play with me!
Come see Freeweezy get no loots!
I will rage quit and it will be the lulz
Need casters! Roster almost complete!
LFM Clothies!
Death to Lei Shen!
I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar!
Still searching for 1-2 Casters to tackle Throne of Thunder
Also need an Off Tank!

Protection/Fury Warrior or Blood/Frost Death Knight
Come get punched in the face for us!
Ok we've found someone to get punched. Now we could use a caster to come do some punching!
LFM Facepunchers!
LF Casters!
Still looking for a caster for 5.2!
I will make you live long time
Looking for 1 skilled player who is adept at every spec for their class (or multiple classes even).
Looking for more!
Looking for DPS!

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