[H-10] T/Th LF Casters for Heroics

Guild Recruitment
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Still looking for DPS
Looking for a Rogue or Mage and a skilled Hybrid.
Still looking, dps where are you?
Come kill bosses with us!
Time for Dinohunting!
Join us for tomorrow's raid!
Looking for a skilled player!
Looking for a skilled boomkin (that can tank/heal) or shaman (that can play all 3 roles).
Looking for 1 plate dps and 1 ranged dps.
Just lacking a few DPS! Come raid with us!
Looking for 1 plate and 1 ranged, or 2 ranged.
LF a couple more to push though to heroic progression!
Still looking.
Looking for Chicken or Mage
Looking for Chicken/Bear/Tree Druid or Misty/Windy/Brewy Monk, and a Blood/Frost DK
Looking for 1-2 more!
Recruiting a tank!
LF More raiders

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