[H-10] T/Th LF Casters for Heroics

Guild Recruitment
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Searching for a ChickenBear
Looking for 2 Hybrid DPS!
Looking for more...
Searching for more!
Looking for DPS
DPS/Tank Druid or DK
DPS/Heal Priest or Monk

Those would be awesome!

It was been spoken thusly.
Looking to get back up w/ you guys ;0
DPS/Tank Druid or DK
DPS/Heals Priest or Monk

Searching for a few more good peeps!

A nice DK and Priest would be awesome!
Death Knightsies!
The Precious!
Looking for more DPS! DPS that can heal things. DPS that can Tank things.
Searching for more DPS
Searching for more skilled players to join us for fun raiding times!
I'm searching my lost shaker of salt. Some people claim that there's a woman to blame, but I know... It's my own damn fault.
Looking for more!
I have been drunk now for over two weeks. I passed out, and I rallied, and I sprung a few leaks. Got to stop wishin', got to go fishin'. Down to rock bottom again. With just a few friends, just a few friends.
Looking for an awesome DK!
Looking for a Boomkin/Guardian
Searching for more excellent peeps!
Searching for more excellent raiders!

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