LF2M for MV/HoF on Tuesday 2/19/13 8pm-11pm

Due to 2 raiders who will be on vacation on the raid night of Tuesday 2/19/13, <The Fighting Mongooses> will be looking for 2 capable pugs/alts to fill in on this one raid night for a full normal MV clear plus some HoF bosses


1 x Dps (Hunter or Boomkin would have no competition on gear but will take anyone)
1 x Dps that has heal Off Spec just in case (Again Resto/Boom as well as Mistweaver will have no gear competition)

No int leather or mail wearers and no agi mail wearers in raid this night so all this gear is your without competition

PST Faustamort or Bedivere/Cu for more info or to schedule yourself in.
Bedivere/Cu Battletag: Bedivere#1418
what time?

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