<Filth> is recruiting.

Emerald Dream
Call us terrorist if you like. Call us barbarians if you will... Call us what ever you want, just know who we are.

<Filth> is a newly formed guild looking for members. Destruction brings smiles to our face. Organizing for world PvP and any other forms of chaos. Looking for like minded individuals who find fun in causing a ruckus. Message me in game for an invite. Tree huggers and cry babies need not apply.
Your not in <Filth> though?

Edit: This guild sounds pretty cool though.
Thanks, and yes I am/was but the guild was so newly created my forum status wasn't refreshed.
Describe other forms of chaos. If it involves tearing gnomes limb from limb I'm in.

-Amel, Your friendly neighborhood Alliance.
Lol, you join his stuff and he will come into your vents and crash it with a text to talk which he spams and crashes your sound card. He was banned from ours because we asked him to stop, and he didn't, which in turn got him kicked from the guild and banned from vent forever. So beware my peoples.
Thanks for your support. I wasn't kicked from your guild, I quit because of the petty arguing amongst members. As far as crashing your vent... Guilty as charged. Reason being, it was a lot of fun.

Looking for more to join in on my fun.

P.S. I have no problem eating gnomes
To the top. Looking for more scum bags to join our crusade.
Still looking for more. Help form this destined guild of awesome.

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