[H]Ambitious.WEEKEND.3/12.LF Warlock/Hpally

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<Ambitious> is a fresh new guild seeking dedicated and skilled players to join our core 10 man raid group.

Server: Illidan (U.S, PVP, CST)

Website: ambitious.guildomatic.com
Real id: ambitious454@gmail.com

Raid times (CST)
Saturday 5:00-9:00 PM
Sunday 7:00-11:00 PM


-Holy Paladin
Exceptional players may also apply despite our specific class needs.

About Ambitious:
Ambitious was founded on February 2, 2013. It is run by Hurps, Oohpally, and Oohnegrow. We have had past experiences killing hardmodes, leading guilds, and ranking in fights/guild progression. We believe what makes a guild strong is it's ability to identify mistakes, correct them constructively, and to build/sustain focus.

Our Rules and Regulations:
-Loot council
-100% raid attendance is expected, with flexibility towards absences that are posted beforehand.
-Knowledge of fights prior to raid is required.
-High dps, smart healing, proper cooldown usage, and acute raid awareness is what we look for in raiders.
Ambitious welcomes socials as well as raiders. Guild repairs are provided for socials.

APPLY at: ambitious.guildomatic.com
Hello Hurps,

486 Feral here that comes with my partner that is a 486 Spriest. We've been looking for a weekend raid guild that would fit our schedule and I think yours would.

Hit me up on battletag if you want Skiptomaloo#1174
We've added you on real id. Talk to us!
I am interested do you need a MW Monk? I can add you on battletag when I get home in 2 days...
Hi, unfortunately we do not need a MW monk; a windwalker monk would fit our raid composition better. Either way, let's talk.
Free bump because I like your name Hurps <3
Free bump because I like your name Hurps <3

I have a priest, whats ur current progression?

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