[H] <Dark Bargain> 9/16H Recruiting

Hello Barthilas

<Dark Bargain> (GMT+10) are an Aussie 10 man raid group currently 9/16H and are looking to recruit for our main group.

We are currently in the market for the following classes:

Updated - 9/2/13
Healer: Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk (Will consider a good Disc Priest)
Range DPS: Hunter
Melee DPS: Rogue
Tank: Nil

We raid 3 nights a week (Wed, Thu, Mon - 7pm-11pm server time). We are now back on track with 4 new heroic kills in the last 2 raid weeks.

If you think you could fill one of these positions or you have further questions please contact either myself, Irfat or Shambulancé for more information.


- Tax
Updated for Heroic Blade Lord kill. Watch this space for Wind Lord and Lei Shi.

Would still like to find a decent hunter or rogue.
Updated for Heroic Wind Lord kill.

Still after a healer and a rogue+hunter.
Updated for Heroic Garalon down.
Are you guys still recruiting a resto druid?

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