WTT: Undead/Dragon/Elemental for Flying/Beast

Pet Battles
I have excess Dragonkin (4) and Elemental (6) and Undead (1) stones available for trade. Upgrade your Conflag team Silver Dragonhawks and Tiny Snowmen! Willing to trade the ones I have 2:1 for the ones I need.

Looking for:


Add me: moshne#1962

For anyone unaware of what is required for this. You need a CAGEABLE pet from the family you want to upgrade. You trade me your cageable pet, I trade you mine. We each upgrade the others pets, then we trade back.
Updated stone quantities
Added you - have critter and beast stones for trade, looking for elemental.
I don't appear to have an add from you.
Updated, have some dragonkin stones remaining.
I have a few critters, if you want to trade a Dragonkin stone.
Added you.
Updated needs. Thanks for all the trades so far.
Updated for the latest stones
Updated for new stones.
I have a Magic stone as well as more Elemental now.
Thanks for the trade, updated.
I have a flying or mechanical stone I'd be happy to trade for a magic.

Thanks for the trades, nice smooth transactions.
Still have a few stones available.
I have an undead stone. These usually go fast.
Updated. Willing to trade 2:1 for the ones I need.

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