Shaman Unleash Elements + totem bug

So I posted this in the "Bugs" section the other day. No reply as of yet, but I think it's a bug that should be fixed. Why should we receive the negative effects of totems being classified as spells but none of the benefits? Help me out here:

Since totems are now "spells" shouldn't the fire damage buff we get when casting Unleash Elements that says "buffs fire damage spells" buff our fire damage totems?
You realize how ridiculous it would be if Fire Elemental and Primal Fire Elemental could benefit from Unleashed Flame's 30% buff? That would need some retuning just to make the concept balanced, and would make UF + Searing management a pain, specially if X or Y reason causes the totem to die or not funcion properly, requiring you to redrop it.
If it is ridiculous, and the mechanics will not be updated according to the wording on the tooltip, the tooltip should be updated to indicate that it does not buff fire spells, but list the specific 3 spells it does buff.
lol just shut up

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