Living Seed

I would like to see this talent expanded upon. Here is my idea

Living Seed becomes a spell, much like earth shield or beacon of light. Something along the lines of 'The healing done from critical effects will in addition be added to the living seed. After x amount of healing has been stored in the seed, the seed will burst providing the bearer of the seed to be instantly healed by x amount, along with x amount over time. In addition the bearer will be coated in bark like armor, taking on the appearance of a tree (similar to tree form) and reducing all incoming damage by x percent.'

This can only be cast on one target at a time, and put in a minor glyph that prevents a player from transforming if your friends are getting annoyed of looking like a tree
love it
Thumbs up!
I like where you're going, but I'd rather have control of the burst.

I see it kinda like planting a C4.

Limit 1 target yes. Maybe 30 sec Dur. and 30 sec cd. or something

You plant that Living Seed on your bro. When the goin get tough, you recast (regardless of target) to bloom that !@#$ for some clutch healing.

Or alternatively, have it proc/bloom/whatever when the target goes under a certain health %.

Also go off whenever it expires and/or is dispelled.

Not sure how I feel about having to boost the seed with other heals though.

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