My Cinder Kitten ran away!

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Three of my store purchased mini pets, including my Cinder Kitten, have come up missing. Gone from my journal. My Soul of the Aspects, Quillen Pup from collectors edition, and my Kitten. I recently created and transferred toons over to a second account attached to my tag. I was informed this was an issue that has to do with that.

At first, all my mounts from the store and all my mini pets were missing. I was told by one GM to make a new character from scratch and log in and see if that helped. It did for a short time for my mini pets but unfortunately not for my mounts. The GM then sent my mounts to me in the mail and they were successfully added back to my journal. I have now discovered that the three mini pets I have listed above have gone missing again. I might not have noticed but two of the three are in my main battle team. I opened a ticket several days ago informing Blizz of the three still missing and have yet to have them returned to me in any way. I tried to make another fresh toon and was unsuccessful retrieving them again.
Something similar happened to me a few months ago. I paid for some pets, had them in my roster, then they disappeared. Apparently the expiration date that was on my credit card had passed, and I hadn't updated it with Blizz, so while it initially went through, it was declined shortly afterwards, which prompted Blizz to pull the pets back from me. The GMs couldn't see that, so they had no clue what happened. Have you verified it wasn't the purchase being declined by your CC company?

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