<Samcro>[10M] is recruiting a rogue

<Samcro>[10M] is recruiting a rogue (Pref combat) for our core group require 485+ ilvl 6/16N + exp. we raid tu/wed/thur 6-10 ST have to have mumble, vocal and be able to make on time

plt hulkwoman or deathgoon in game
Who is Jax and who is Clay in this guild? I WANNA SEE SOME FIGHTING
Did you type that with caps lock, or did you Shift-press every key individually?
02/06/2013 08:06 AMPosted by Izalia
I was sure to spoon afterwards.

Alright *phew* that is reassuring.
The crow flies straight in a perfect line!

Izalia you are so handsome that you make Jax look like a mere noob.

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