Ravenholdt Guild with RP interests

Lok'tar friends! Strength to you all! I am Lorokos of the Unyielding Force of Lore. We are a citizens guild of the Horde, welcoming all those with allegiance to the peoples of our glorious coalition. We stand for guaranteeing the unity and strength of the Horde and oppose forces or individuals seeking to divide it. We further welcome those with a standard of seeking wisdom and knowledge in past and present times of said glorious coalition! "For the Lore and For the Horde!"

((We highly welcome RP and RPpvp interests in members, but do not set hardcore requirements of it in guild chat. The guild is considered a social one, with an all-over interest in regular pve and pvp activity too. Quite a few of us are good friends and know each other well at this point. Lvl 25, We welcome you to contact us if you see this posting. In-game mail or chat suffices!))
I'm always happy to see another guild that honors the RP attached to the PvP on our server.

Best of luck in your quest to swell the ranks!
(( I agree with Candela: It's great to see another RP-PvP guild starting on Ravenholdt. Best of luck in your recruiting! You might also consider posting a recruitment post (and any other posts!) on the Ravenholdt Sanctum (ravenholdt.us). We'd love to have your input over there and it's a great way to get to know some of the other RPers on the server.

Again, good luck in recruiting and I hope to see you around in-game! ))
Greetings Lorokos. I caught word that the Unyielding Force of Lore is seeking to grow its ranks. While I find myself a bit wary of the presence of orc guards in the Undercity I, from a purely objective point of view, understand the perceived need of their presence.

Having said that, I do not hold the views of some of my fellow Forsaken who increasingly wish to see themselves become independent of the Horde. It is my firm belief that there is still room for a...mutually beneficial relationship between all members of the Horde.

It would please me greatly to have the opportunity to discuss potentially joining the ranks of the Unyielding Force of Lore. Perhaps we may find some time to discuss this further.

- Corvick

((I like that it sounds as though the Unyielding Force of Lore encourages RP among its members. I was curious, would you consider your guild light, medium, or heavy RP? My guild interests have me leaning towards guilds that drift more toward the medium to heavy RP end of the spectrum.

While I'm certainly no PvP powerhouse, I've always tended to lead more towards PvP than PvE so the RP-PVP interests also being encouraged is another plus for me.

I didn't see you on last night otherwise I would have contacted you in-game. I think I may still do that. If I don't catch up with you today then I'll send an in-game mail.

Out of curiosity when are you usually on, Lorokos? That way I can try and be on at the same time and, assuming you aren't otherwise busy, pick your brain some about your guild as I am genuinely interested in learning more.))

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