New to wow and locks

and theres alrdy stuff im not crazy about, well heres the thing
this part isnt about locks but i still find it not fair.
yesterday my buddy sent me a recruit a friend email, so i was very excited
i was thinking, sweet well lvl fast and stuff, and dont get me wrong, we sort of do
but the thing that bothers me the most is that since im the recruit i get no benefits like
a cool mount or free lvls, it seems only the person that was recruited can grant lvls but not to myself, so if he wants an alt i can give him almost 40 lvls, i get nothing. i thought i was gonna get some benefits but it seems to me its all one way.
its not the end of the world or anything but it does somewhat suck.

second, i picked destro as my spec after doing some homework, it was a toss up between an ele sham or destro lock, anyhow, the thing is as destro i seem to not be doing much dmg, were lvl 39 now and im low in dps compared to others
does destro get better in terms of dps?
i was thinking to myself, man, why didnt i lvl a ele sham lol, i probably would be doing more dps, then i thought how it was going to be at 90 and how destro will probably beat ele in terms of dmg, at least i hope lol
dont get me wrong, im very happy with my lock and im gonna keep him regardless but i do wish i did more dps :(
will things get better at 90?
also what pet should i be using the get the most dps?

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