<is a cutie> 2/14H LF core dps and flex!


The core team is currently recruiting any dps class/spec. 550+, experience preferred but not required. We can teach fights. More details below.

We are rebuilding our regular Flex run and will be expanding the core team to 12-15 in WoD. Definitely looking for flex tanks, but all are welcome.

Social and casual players are always welcome, we're looking for a few more friendly folks to liven up gchat! We are especially looking for people who want to break into organized content for the first time as well as vets who are looking for a more relaxed experience!

More information below.

We are an active group consisting of a couple of RL friend groups and other fun people. The core group is currently working on SoO, and starting to dip into heroics.

Core raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8:45 to Midnight server.

We do Flex every Sunday from 8:45 to Midnight server. New/inexperienced players are more than welcome! The wings vary depending on turnout.

We're also looking ahead to WoD, where there will be multiple benefits to running content in pre-mades. We want to find more people interested in running Heroic dungeons and scenarios, CMs, old raid tiers, transmog runs, achievement runs etc. If you are tired of random matchmaking and pugs, please check us out!

We are very social, but not always PG (I blame Dirdie). If you don't like a lot of green text in your chat box, we may not be a good fit for you. We are open to new players and new raiders!

If you are:

-An active player who is laid back

and also

-Someone who is interested in building their character at a casual pace

We would love to have you!

New players and new raiders are welcome! If you are willing to learn and accept helpful tips, then we are willing to teach.

If you are interested, message me [Tristarae#1255] and we can chat.

Hope to see you in-game!
Bumping for Blade Lord Ta'yak kill.
Bump for Garalon kill. :)
Bump for Windlord kill!
Bump for 5.2. =O
Bump for Jin'rokh.
Bump to fill some weekend group spots. ^^
Bump to find some dps for the core group. Agi mail dps, we want you!
Bump for Horridon kill!
Bump for the weekenders.
Bump for Council kill.
Tortos kill! Kicking turtles ftw.
Meg down. Omg snails!
Bump. Want to meet more people!
Suck it, Durumu!
Wouldn't you know it? We need a hunter!
Bump for the elusive ele/resto shaman...
Bump for more social friends~!
Dark Animus is ded.

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