Is there any PUGing community Alliance side?

I don't have time to necessarily commit to a particular raid schedule (would love to but life and wife won't allow it). I am fairly new to this server, been here about 3 months or so. I do my LFR every week and have geared up ok, but once LFR is done for the week I find myself looking for more.

Basically, what I am asking is there already an established 10 man normal PUG community here? All I ever see is groups looking for Sha.
Heya Barnas,

We've been doing our best to for an inter-guild 25man run. This is taking place Sunday/Monday 8pm-11pm EST.

Send either myself or Dagna of Night Phoenix an in game mail and we should be able to arrange something.
Heya Greg,

Get with me, Serribus, or Naturalee in game, we could help with this I am sure. Also, we are looking for a ranged DPS, pref a warlock that can commit to a tues/wed raid night if you know anybody that is looking. It would not be necessary for this person to join our guild, just be consistent on attendance and know how to play the class well.


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