Resto Druid or MW Monk PvP?

I just opened a post in the monk forums to get their opinions; now I need druid opinions. I am currently debating between a Mistweaver Monk and Resto Druid for pvp. I'm in the process of leveling them, but I wish to focus on one.

In general, I do a lot of randoms and arena; no dedicated group for RBGs yet.

So if you could, what are the pro's / con's of each class? Does 5.2 affect either much? Your thoughts / opinions?
im playing a druid finding it really fun when i get shooting stars boom boom dead, but i really like the way monks play. Sadly from the videos i've seen on youtube for monk pvp they dont seem to do well. But if you do make a monk chose mist they are really unkillable.
They're both really good, truth be told. Whichever one you enjoyed playing most to 90, be that one.

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