Paladins aren't fun anymore, tell my why...

02/13/2013 02:41 AMPosted by Shiookami
sustained damage is great, but burst needs a tune up
w-what? Sustained is great? Are you talking pve or pvp? Tune up to burst? How about a tune down to cc...or burst is fine as is
AMPosted by Pallysrule
Well prot pallies did lose one ability that we needed most an that was our AoE taunt, we have AoE spells but nothing to taunt a mass group off 1 friendly if we are in a dungeon or raid, whats the points of having AoE spells if we have even have a AoE taunt spell

Druids and Warriors lost their AoE taunts too.

It wasn't something that affected only pallies, it was a conscious decision to change how tanking worked in general.

I'd be ok with this if DK's didn't essentially get it instead.
DKs have never had an AoE taunt, and still don't - unless you're referring to Gorefiend's Grasp, but that isn't a taunt; it just pulls all nearby mobs to a specific location.
Ive really never tire of My pally...I love tanking and all that comes with it...I know we have had quite a few changes...but for me its just learnign to adapt to those changes and still remain effective and I enjoy it....being I recently hit 90 and still need to gear...its still fun....I think maybe its more the tanking...but Ive had him since my main...but anythgin done to our spec has yet to turn me me off completely...
I can't speak specifically to yours likes and dislikes, but I know whenever I run out of motivation to level a class, it isn't necessarily because I don't find the class to be enjoyable, but rather I find the leveling experience as a whole to be rather mundane and monotonous (bringing your 2nd, 3rd or 4th toon through MoP content can get incredibly unbearable sometimes). Are you certain it's the class you're not enjoying and not the leveling experience that's making it unpleasant for you?

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