Eternal Flame still not fixed

Holy Paladins cannot auto attack (to generate mana) when eternal flame is on more than 2 targets. The character just stands there in attack posture but does not swing, thus no mana generated from melee attacking. I've seen this posted multiple times and was wondering if a fix will be implemented anytime soon? So to recap

Problem: Lose the ability to auto swing to generate mana when Eternal Flame dot is on two or more people.
I would love to be able to get mana from SoI again please fix blizz
Ive posted this before still never received any kind of "hey thanks were gonna work on this problem. An entire buff for pallys basically isn't working "more mana from auto attacks" but it just isn't getting noticed for some reason
Just wanted to point out i ran into the same problem a couple nights ago... with more posts hopefully it will get noticed

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