Multi-Game Modes and Server Types? Practical.

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This is practical, if you cannot do paragraphs, copy and paste each sentence into one line.

Do this,tell me your opinions, no doubt congregations of people succeed through teamwork.
This is not a new rule set.

This is a diminuation of class roles. Generalization of spells. Scaled Difficulty/ Leveling Rates, none of these change anything about the code.

Changing gearing/itemization/ leveling rates/monster difficulty are simply scaling, and allowing for redundancy. This is similar to Diablo 3. There is no difference between Normal and Inferno modes save for the difficulty of monsters, and the armor that drops, more or less.
02/07/2013 12:56 AMPosted by Lecithin
wow is old news, macho man randy savage would stomp on it for fun. What points weren't clear, i tried to put each concise idea into a paragraph. Go to school.

He didnt say he didn't understand it, he said it was needlessly wordy, and it is. It is not concise AT ALL. You could have simply said the same thing in one fing sentance:

"Allow me to slow my xp gain so I can enjoy the game at a more organic pace, because at the current pace it feels too much like a hack 'n slash."

See how small that sentance is?

Compare with your enormous post.

Yes, it was needlessly wordy. Far too needlessly wordy.
I feel like the OP is perpetually angry at everything.
Choon you are correct, i have much anger and fury about me, uncontrollable key clacking rage.
Good work Aladster, you are more concise than i can prove to be.

Also, slower xp rate, more difficulty from stage 1, universal spellbooks/classes, allowing people to chose their spec/class/talents from just leveling and skill trees rather than have a rigid class system enforcing the same things over and over again.

There would be much more versatility if every player could build a spec around whatever spells they like, rather than pidgeonholed into a base class and picking 6 abilities.
02/08/2013 11:21 AMPosted by Lecithin

You are aware you're asking Blizzard to reengineer the game in it's entity.
Leaving aside the fact that it's never going to happen, OP fails to understand that min-maxers and theorycrafters don't want simple and easy. We're playing a metagame, and we don't want that dumbed down any more than you want the actual game dumbed down.

You can't get rid of us; the same depth that attracts you is what draws us in as well.
Geesh. This poor dead horse. How many ways can one say 'vanilla servers' without being obvious? Zero.
in what universe is developing for and maintaining 4+ different games with entirely different rulesets considered practical?
It's just a different game mode my man, playing capture the flag can easily be done by making twin peaks and WSG just cross in the middle, make each base flag a node protection hub, and there's another EOTS. It's easy to change rulesets, far simpler than the game mechanics...
In case no one noticed from another thread it spewed it's rhetoric in, this gnome druid is insane and needlessly obsessive.

Do not converse or acknowledge.

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