[H] Anthem Tues Wed Thurs 8-11EST LF raiders

Greetings all, Anthem is currently looking for DPS to fill out our weekly raid spots. We have been having attendance issues with some of our DPS and are looking to recruit people to fill 2 core DPS spots. A druid of any spec with decent gear would be preferred, however any good DPS at this juncture would be considered.

As a guild we are not as progressed as we would like to be due to the attendance issues stated above. We are 7/16, working on HOF until 5.2 drops.

We have a range of ages in the guild. Most of our raid team is in their 20's with the exception of this fat panda tank we have that is in his mid 30's :) We are a respectful guild that will tell you if you are messing up on raid fights.
Those interested can contact myself, Staff, Sagaxus, or anyone else of rank 2 or 3 in the guild for more details.
Still looking. Did we mention we need DPS? Because we could really use some DPS.

...unless you're gonna steal my gear. Then we'll have words. They will not be pleasant words.
Now recruiting for 5.2. A frost DK or strong enhancement shaman would be a welcome sight.
And bring cookies!
Attendance issues still a big problem here. We are now 1/12N ToT because our core group has dropped below 8 people. We are looking for skilled raiders who are looking to catch up on progression. We are still trying to raid Tues-Thurs 8-11PM.

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