Resto Druid or holy paladin

Hello all! I'm looking to get back into WoW after a long break and am having trouble deciding on which to play for the alliance side. I'm posting to see if there is a shortage of either holy paladin or resto Druid? My ultimate goal is to level up and do end game raiding.
Thanks in advance!
Hmm I'm leaning toward paladin as I like to see the gear on the chars. Druid is tempting too, I hope one isn't more fun than the other....
i've never been a holy paladin but i've played many druids. druid heals are simple, you have a lot of spells that heal over time and a very good aoe heal. if you want a challenge you should be a holy paladin.
Alright cool thanks for the response. Would you say that either way I shouldn't have any problems finding a raid?
nope you should be fine.
Speaking as someone facing another week of "9" confirmed and 3 "tentative" and 2 "out"...

Play the class you can commit to playing 2 nights a week, and you'll have your pick of raid teams.

The only boss that is not on farm for the majority of raid teams is the Attendance Boss.

Example: Acceptable Losses

We'll never be the #1 raiding team on the server, but we like to say we've "always killed the boss on the box". Since the launch of MOP we have had only TWO (as in 1 - 2) weeks where we had "10" Acceptable Losses raiders for both nights of raiding. Every other week has had to be filled with PUGs or cancelled.

Last week was only our 2nd week of having "10" Acceptable Losses players on both Wed & Thr. We killed two new bosses (one of which we actually ONE shot on our first ever attempt), we cleared Vaults for the first time on normal, and we actually had a night that was "progression".

This week? We had "9" at raid time last night. We had to change our plans from going to HoF for progression. We repeated our clear of Vaults, but we are now faced with "8" confrmed, 2 "tentative", and 1 "out".

Next week? Thursday is Valentine's Thursday is out (we're a bunch of old Married people). We are trying to move Thursday to Tuesday but have 2 signed up for that. Wednesday right now has "8" confirmed and 4 "tentative".

If you came to me as any class for either healer or dps in GREENs and said: "I want to raid for the next 6 months. I will never miss a Wed or Thr" I would ginvite you and you would be on the raid invite with first invite privileges until June. That following weekend you'd have access to no less than 3 raid geared tanks that would personally escort you through any number of dungeons you could mentally/physically handle.

TLDR - class/role is so insignificant. If you just play one and show up there isn't a raid team on the server that will turn you down.
Alright great, thats the info i was looking for. Thanks for the in depth response! I've decided to go holy pally.

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