[A]Malice(25) is recruiting.

Malice(25) is recruiting more for a second 10man and to get back into 25man for 5.2. Raid times are 7-10 server time tuesday through thursday. If you feel you can contribute stop by www.wowmalice.net to fill out an app. Currently looking for healers for the second group. Any questions about us? Contact me in game.

In need for 2 heals (1 with os/dps). Any healers have a priest already.
Bump, Malice is the oldest 25man guild on the server. Current progression is 6/16H!
Me and my gf might be switching to this realm, we are searching for a raid team to raid on together. Im a holy/ret pally and she is a holy/disc priest
That would fit right in Malice's need I believe. I talked to there recruitement officer and he told me that they are only looking for 2 healers to get group 2 rolling. If you are still intereseted, I would advice to throw an app on the forum at wowmalice.net.
Good Luck!

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