Mage lf raids

Staying with RUI for 5.2, thanks for interest tho
What time frame are ya lookin for? Disturbed is looking for tues-thurs 8-12 (12 total) and could use another mage. Check us out.
Vae Victae (H) Zul'jin

Raid Times

Tues, Wens, Thurs: 10:15-1am CST (11:15-2am Server Time EST)


Recruitment Contact

Officers: Thehrmit, Greymist, Iceis, Jezable, Mounds
Recruitment: Griffus jsumner#1686 phone#:314-882-9445
to app beyond contacting e-mail
We raid Tuesday and Thursday and are currently going through some membership changes and are looking to fill a Mage role. We are currently 6/6 2/6 3/4 as a group with most of us having experience further with pugs.

If you are at all interested contact me on here or in game.

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