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Hello There.

My name is Ouijee. I transferred here from Azjol Nerub right before the start of Panderia.

I was on azjol for almost 5 years in a top raiding 25 man guild. Believe the guild is US ranked. Anyway, I've raided for almost 12 years now. i started in Everquest and when everyone left EQ to move to WOW I stayed behind in EQ and eventually decided to switch. When I did switch I was fortunate to earn my way into the servers top guilds. On my server, it takes months to earn entrance. I did OS3d 25 in 3/09 for timeline purposes.

Then I burned out.

I took 2 years off and when I returned, my guild had replaced me. I cant blame them but WTF anyway. LOL

Since I now had no reason to stay, I decided to leave the server for bigger, better worlds. After an unfortunate stint on a gay server (Who knew...Really??!!??) I moved to Illidan where I was still heroic DS level. At that point, I was recruited to several lame guilds to help them progress through Panderia. What I learned was that the guilds on this server throw an invite to anybody, lack pro level structure and generally are filled with douchebags and loot !@#$%s.

I'm looking for a HM guild that respects its members, supports the greater team and not the individuals in the clique and wants above all else to have people stay for years as we progress through content. If I find the right guild, I'm loyal. Where are the right guilds? Anyone have any ideas for me of who's door to knock on?

FYI...I am not looking for the hardest core of the hardcore. Ive done that and I'm not looking to do that again. That is a full time job.

Thanks for the help!


Ouijee Newish to 25s and still forming our core. Looking to get into 25m heroics as soon as we feel our team is set. We're working on some HMs this week in 10m. Take a look at our recruitment thread and lemme know if you're interested.

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