<Switch it to Normal> LF Players for 10M H

<Switch it to Normal> is a newly found guild on alliance side Sargeras. We are a 10 man heroic raiding guild. We have the mindset and the skill to be a US top 200 guild in 5.2. Our current goal is to down as much content as we can in 5.1 and to round out and finalize our roster for the start of 5.2. I would consider us a Semi-Hard core raiding guild with a splash or a twist of friends. I say that because the guild was founded so a group of 4 friends could raid together. We currently have an 9 man roster and official raiding wont start till the week of the 12th. We currently have many dps that can parse on the majority of fights.

Our current raid times are:

    Thursday 9:00pm to Midnight
    Friday 11:00pm to 3:00am
    Sunday 7:00pm to 11:00pm

All times are EST.

Our raid times are not official or set in stone. Our current core is very open to switching days. We can switch Thursday to Wednesday or even Tuesday. We can even Switch Friday to Saturday. However we can not switch the times since those are set in stone.

Our Current recruitment needs are:

    1 Healer Priest (DPS OS is a plus but not needed)

In total we need 2 players and will run an 11 man roster. I don't want to run a 12 man roster I think it is to many players. All spots are Core spot, no riding the bench.

Contact me at MDF57#1241 or in game.

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