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I am a 32 Frost Mage and I am having difficulties soloing at the moment (I die a lot lol). I have heard that frost is the number one soloing spec, but what sort of rotations should I use?

I have also heard that Fire is best in instances. Is this correct?

Thank you all for your help!
Well questing-wise, the "rotation" is more of a priority system. You shouldn't really be dying or taking much damage at all for that matter especially given your level.

ALWAYS keep IB up as much as possible and freeze (pet, FN, etc.) any melee on cooldown as well. Opening with a FB is probably the best bet due to the slow. Shatter is your friend... a couple IL's on a frozen target and they're done. Practice using counterspell on enemy casters to interrupt incoming damage or self healing casts.

As far as dungeons go, there is no real "best" spec. Each has it's moment to shine and each is completely viable. Generally at low level enemies die pretty quickly, so DOT based specs (like fire) feel less powerful due to the lack of uptime. Arcane has a slight ramp up time as well with arcane charges. I personally enjoyed frost burst at low level, but it's all personal preference.

At max level, Arcane seems to reign at the moment; however, 5.2 is bringing some changes that are going to change the way the spec plays due to the absence of scorch weaving. Fire got a pretty sever nerf a little while back, but I have personally seen people who still perform very well with the spec.

Ether way, play what you enjoy... you well end up getting nerfed/buffed eventually as the game changes. Mages usually remain in pretty good standing with at least one or two specs. I do well as frost and it's the most fun for me so that's what I choose to play!

Hope this helps!
Thank you so much for that. Very comprehensive and extremely helpful. I really appreciate it!
Coming from someone who was in your exact same spot yesterday here's what i've deduced from leveling a mage. If you really want to level frost invest in Glyph of Frostfire Bolt. It lowers the cast time by .5 seconds. Frostbolt is still quicker but the damage increase on Frostfire is nice. Also like the other person said use freeze with every mob maybe every other depending on how fast your killing them. It has like a 25 second cooldown and it gives you at least one proc of Fingers of Frost. Dont forget to throw out a frost nova if they get to close and blink and then turn around and light them up more. Above all like the other person said again USE ICE BARRIER. It will let you keep casting without pushback and not take damage usually giving you that extra cast or two needed to finish them off and it also has a small cooldown and uptime on it should be close to 100%. Now if you have an open mind i might suggest Arcane. I switched it up around 36 and i'm finding things are dying quicker and I feel like i'm getting more Arcane Missle procs than i was getting fingers of frost. All you do is spam arcane blast until you get a proc of arcane missles, while still using Ice Barrier. Your mana will look like its going down faster just because a 6 charge arcane blast is quite expensive but the damage that pops up is really really nice. I'd definately recommend you at least put your other spec in Arcane and see what you think!
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If you really want to level frost invest in Glyph of Frostfire Bolt.

I was just looking through frost mage talents by level and was actually pretty surprised that Brain Freeze isn't a passive until level 77. This being said, I could see how this glyph could possibly help for leveling; however, I would stick to using FFB as an opener rather than your main nuke. I'm not sure this is what you were implying, but FB still has a .25 second shorter cast time than FFB when glyphed and applies a stacking (up to three times...) debuff on your target increasing damage from FB, IL, and your minions WB by 5% per stack making it much more valuable in my opinion. This being said, if you are opening with FFB, you probably need not glyph it because you aren't hurting on time and there are probably better alternatives. I would recommend getting more familiar with shatter combos, as this is the current frost play style as you continue to level. Again though, to each his/her own... if it helps you, by all means glyph it! The devs have been working hard trying to ensure multiple viable options like this are available based on your choice of play style.

Once you reach 77, it is important to note that you will rarely (if ever) hard cast FFB. The only time I use FFB is to consume brain freeze procs at this point. It is an overall DPS loss to hard cast FFB over FB at max level, however I do not know how it scales at your level because I leveled this toon in Cataclysm. Recount or Skada should help you determine what seems to work best!

Now if you have an open mind i might suggest Arcane. I switched it up around 36 and i'm finding things are dying quicker and I feel like i'm getting more Arcane Missle procs than i was getting fingers of frost.

A lot of people agree completely. I'm pretty sure AM has a higher proc rate than FoF, but I honestly cannot confirm this at the moment. The issue (for lack of a better word...) with arcane is lack of utility in cases where you might have to go on the defense. I never had much issue with ether spec (or any of the three for that matter), but frost seemed to be much more "forgiving", if you will, when it comes to unintended multi-mob pulls which are bound to happen when questing.
If you're dying a lot as a Frost Mage while leveling, you should focus more on control.

Pull one mob at a time. Start from ranged with a Frostbolt to get a slow on the target. If it gets close run away from it while keeping it slowed. While you are moving you should use instant cast damage spells, and the same is true in reverse that whenever you use an instant cast damage spell you should move away from your target. Always keep a slow on your target and run away from it - you won't die this way so long as you're careful.

When you're comfortable with staying alive, you can begin to incorporate Novas and Freezes to burst your targets with Shatter combos.

If you choose to fight two mobs, you can always Sheep one and focus damage on the other while keeping it slowed. If you accidentally pull one and it's already on top of you, then a Nova -> Sheep #2 -> Damage #1 works very well.

If you lose control you can always Nova the area, Blink away, and run far enough to reset the mobs.

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