Hey everyone,

I am looking to fill 1 dps spot for our herald run tonight at 7:30 PM EST. You do not need to be BiS for it. just need at least 215 Ilvl (With gear permitted for the run), gems and enchants.

Please just reply in this thread because I will not actually be online until 5PM.

Me an a buddy are looking to do this ach, the next few days.

Add venture#1341
I have a level 80 sub rogue i would be down to join. i can buy all the gems if need be but as easy as this ach is now days i dont think its necessary.

Add venture#1341

I'll add you when I get home. I understand it is pretty easy now, but we want it to go without a hitch guaranteed haha.
Pshh I guarantee I would be top dps.

Full BiS Herald Mage
Pshh I guarantee I would be top dps.

Full BiS Herald Mage

You still interested?
I will go add Smartshot#1442 im 223 ilvl and BIS maxed profession ect
If you end up needing someone, I have an spriest I can bring. 217ish ilevel enchanted/gemmed/reforged/consumables, also did fight many times in WotLK.

I've been looking for a group for this so if you still need one more or started another some day
Hey I am going to bookmark this thread and I may organize another run in a couple weeks. I will post here!
Just FYI, if people were / are interested, I'd like to get some more people / support for one on this Saturday, Warcrack83#1257.
I would be interested in joining a run of yours. 223iLvl equipped Fully Gemmed/Chanted/Proffs
Mainly heals, but if you need a dps i can swap to shadow and soak big bangs. still do redic deeps.

Battletag: Scryers#1111
217 rogue, bis prof


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