A WoW genie grants a single wish...

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Tier 3 for purchase at DMF!
More detailed char creation, including sliders, more hair colors, and being able to highlight the hair. That all adds up to one wish.
Good community, as opposed to the hierarchy of gear>actual person we have right now. PLEASE.
02/07/2013 02:12 PMPosted by Shadryck
I would request Thousand Needles be returned to its original, un-flooded state.

I actually like that idea. I'm sure the goblin engineers can concoct something that will stop the ocean from coming in so that the place can drain...
02/07/2013 02:18 PMPosted by Sarinda
More detailed char creation, including sliders, more hair colors, and being able to highlight the hair. That all adds up to one wish.

This is what I was gonna say. I want to have character creation like in other MMOs, where I can individually change every part of my face, my height and weight, jewelry and tattoos and hair length. I know we're getting new models eventually, but I doubt they'll ever be that customizable.
Less daily based rep grinds or the token that doubles the rep at an earlier tier than revered.
I wish for Blizzard CS to actually acknowledge posts/issues that might be uncomfortable for them, but frustrate the community (especially with their silence)
1000x xp for 2 hours
Get rid of World of Daily Craft. Dailies =/= sustainable content.
Tamable dragons.

'Nuff said.
Probably Player-Housing. It just adds so much to other games, I can only imagine how awesome it would be in WoW. Especially given Warcraft's RTS roots, how awesome would it be to build your home up, and perhaps even manage resources (ie. commanding a group of Peons to gather which resources every day).
Zombie Event (from Wrath pre-release event), only with Murlocs instead
To have the Thumbs up emote in game like fonzie from happy days,

/Hits jutebox and gives thumbs up

Tauren Rogues
I gain access to every mount put in the game ever. Plus my own Epicus Maximus mount.
A blue post regarding sha of anger/galleon mounts :P
Bio-electric interface hooked up permanently to all developers, where they are not permitted to eat, sleep, pee, or do anything enjoyable until they first do 3 hours of dailies per action they wish to experience.

Vile swill or gruel is the only food they are allowed to eat until they grind rep to improve quality of food experienced, each level of improvement adds an extremely minor increase in taste. There are multiple reps to grind of this nature, and each one isn't unlocked until you complete the previous one. Taste of food doesn't truely become tolerable until about the 3rd unlocked rep.

When programmers complain, trolls pop up on the screen telling them that grinding rep is optional, and that they can survive on vile swill and don't need the perks of food that doesn't make them nearly vomit.

Same deal for sleeping, peeing, and enjoyable diversion actions...each has its own rep sets to grind, and amount of sleeping/peeing/etc/... permitted is initially limited to minimum amount to be able to continue to survive, and is gradually increased over the course of multiple months...and again the amount of time permitted on these actions doesn't reach a level of minimum satisfaction until about the 3rd rep that unlocks.
I wish to be head of design for Blizz & that I cannot be fired no matter what insanity I cause.


Wow, I'd thought you'd wish for pigtails. Me, I'd wish for an Onyxian Drake. And for the racial graphic updates to be done :)

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