Rogues and daggers

question for you guys. Do all rogues use dw daggers now? for some reason i feel like i remember seeing a tooltip that read that when a rogue dw's daggers their dmg is increased by 20% .. now i dont know if im just crazy or if this is real. does anyone know because im pretty curious about it. im freshly turned 90 and im looking to get two solid weapons, however now that theres only conquest weapons i have to go 3 weeks before getting my first dagger as far as epics go and theres not that many daggers in raids/dungeons that are really any good so im wondering if i should look for a mace/sword/axe for my offhand. will that be as good?
This is how it works:

Assassination rogues: Only use daggers. the 20% damage bonus you mention is for them

Sub: To do the most damage they need to use 2 daggers. This mainly because they get special scaling with them and backstab.

Combat: Anything but a dagger main hand, and debatable any type off hand (though dagger is probably better for pve).

Try not to have a non dagger off hand. The reason for this is that damage poisons have a flat proc rate, which means fast weapons create more procs.
thanks that does help. im mainly looking for daggers for pvp and like i said i have to wait min of 3 weeks to get malev daggers so in the mean time im looking to get two decent daggers for pvp.. any suggestions?
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Relatively easy to get and better than what you've got.

Also RF dagger drop is better than those but that'd prolly take you more than three weeks.

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