Only 1.7 Million 90s on NA Realms

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Now thats just characters, not accounts. If there is only 1.7million 90s... I would presume there is only 1million MoP players in all of North America.... So 9 Million active subs, how many of those are from EU/China/Korea?


How - To get the list of characters for a realm, first we record all the characters who posted to the auction house. Then we fetch and record their guild rosters. This should cover the majority of characters on a realm. To avoid getting listed, a character must never post to the auction house, and never belong to a guild where a guild member posts to the auction house.

So does that pop Rift/Starwars ahead of WoW for NA Subs?
How many active players don't have a 90?

How many active players have more than one 90?
Those sites that have players use a mod are not even close to accurate.
I found that out for myself when I tested it.

I used a very big guild that I knew was big as a example.
I went to relmpop and one other and looked to see how many members of said guild had any activity for that week. It said 44 or around there had activity for the whole week.

I then looked at the armory and the same guild.
The aromory had 120+ members with activity in the last 24 hours alone.
240+ had activity listed on the armory for that week. The same week that relmpop claimed only 44.

One of them is way off.
02/07/2013 10:33 PMPosted by Øptimus
I'd say interest in the US is fading, but in the EU it is still as strong as ever. Just look at how many of them clear raids compared to the US. a LOT more.

Which reinforces the OP's point: In NA, WoW is perhaps not the strongest (i.e., most populated) MMO out there.
Non of my alts are at level 90.
What does it matter?
Play what you like it doesn't have any relevance what game sells more or has more players in the USA
Wow makes alot more money as a company worldwide than the others its more successful as a business model that's all the numbers can really say, where it gets the success from is hardly important as all the games are international and they all compete on the world market not just the USA
Where are the subs coming from? Players all over the world same as the subs for rift and SWToR and how many international subs make up the numbers for these games you haven't even looked at that just assumed all Rift and star wars players are US based but wow players are not

If wow sells more in Asia then the star wars and Rift numbers must be looked at in the same way not counted as just all being United States/ Western subscriptions . They have Asian subs go into their numbers too even though the numbers are smaller.

Both games have less than 20% of the total subs of warcraft worldwide thats the number that has meaning not how many subs are in the US.
The funny thing about that statistic is that I have 912,872 90s right. That is right. I am the only person playing most of the 90 level toons in North America right now!


Dead server you say? It is because of ME!
yeah, the lack of 90s is more telling to how annoying it is to raise levels, then it is of the playerbase.

Most people I know, myself included, have like...1-2 90s, and the rest in 85s. Maybe a few lowbies we like tooling around with.

That being said though, I would admit, it seems like the game is shifting away from Us players, and more to UK, and aussie players.
NA is not a strong market for any MMO, it's all console markets.

I imagine the reason NA is strong at all is due to Australia.

So does that pop Rift/Starwars ahead of WoW for NA Subs?

EA claimed almost a year ago SWTOR subscribers number between 500k and 1 million subscribers total. AFAIK they won't release actual numbers, but when news sites reported SWTOR falling below 1 million subscriptions early last summer EA claimed subscriptions were well above the 500k mark needed to make the game profitable. Since then subscriptions have undoubtedly gone down, probably quite dramatically - the game did have to go F2P. I'd actually be a little surprised if the numbers weren't below 500k at this point.

RIFT last time I heard had dipped below 250k subscribers.
Its only going to get worse, this is just the beginning.
North America IS just one continent you know...
NA is the one continent we play in. 90% of you missed the point and the other 10%... well lets just say you and I know where this is going. Question to ask your self is how many times in the past month have you researched another MMO not out of interest in it but out of lack of interest in WoW.
Well I'd say there's just a small difference between 9.6 million and... 1.7 million.

The quarterly report for the stockholders says 9.7 million ill believe that figure not the made up guessed at 1.7 million you mention, rift has under 2 mill total worldwide subs, you dont know how many are in the NA region and using the total sub number and comparing it to the number of NA subs in wow makes no sense at all both games are international. More people playing rift worldwide than play wow in the NA region alone means nothing at all.

....There are still far more servers in use by Warcraft than rift or swtor, why do Blizz need more servers in the NA region if they have less players
Your numbers are off rift and swtor do not have more players in NA at all if they did they'd have alot more servers to house them all
9.7 million subs worldwide compared to >2 million for rift and slightly less for swtor, thats worldwide thats all you should compare
Any other figure is one you've made up not taken from financial reports from the actual companies (they wont lie here or fudge numbers its a financial quarterly profit report)
I have 5 level 90s and I'm from Australia.

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