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Once upon a time, World of Warcraft was a pretty fantastic media platform to have a good time, talk, make some friends and be entertained. I loved logging on, even if not to do anything more than chat with my guild members and other realm companions. Once upon a time I LOVED to heal, no matter what class I was rolling there was a serious sense of teamwork. People actually thanked one another sincerely - and heck some even liked their party members from a dungeon experience so much they would transfer realms just to hang out together. Once in awhile you would get the nasty individual who would ninja and leave or pull mobs and leave trying to purposely wipe the group, but the occasion was pretty rare.

Today's Warcraft is a complete turn around. I hate healing. Heck I hate random groups in general, merely for the reason that everyone is so incredibly hostile. I'm tired of smashing through dungeon after dungeon with players who do nothing but bicker, point blame, trash talk or act like they can solo everything all the time - and the rest of the players in the group are just a minor setback to them. Four out of five times I tell my random groups to stop, then leave and take the 30 minute dungeon abandonment debuff. I don't want or need to deal with the hate that spews from everyone, even if it's only for a 20 minute dungeon.

I know there are plenty of things I can do to get around this issue. Number one I usually attempt is to completely ignore party chat. I can also run with only my guild, or, like normal - just deal with it. It saddens me that it's coming down to the point where it's no longer a team of people vs. the game content. It's now a hostile group of people vs. one another, just in a dungeon setting. I see more people focused on tearing one another down than tearing through the game's challenge. It really does make me question whether I want to continue investing myself in WoW anymore. I don't care about gear, or mounts, raiding or PvP if everyone I meet is going to do nothing but bring misery to the table with their sour attitudes.

I find it incredibly ironic that the MoP theme is the Sha and how hatred manifests itself and out of all the expansions - I'm seeing the serious trend of hatred. In the past two weeks I have only run with one party while tanking on my pally where the players didn't have an attitude problem with one another. In two weeks time - I've probably done 40 dungeons. One in forty is a pretty sad number for the track record.

So. What do other players in the general community find is their experience? I know that complaining about it isn't going to change it. However I am curious to know if it's something that affects anyone else's playing style/habits, or make them consider quitting the game?

Peace! ~ Maati
I only need to run it once a day, so its not a big issue. If someone is complaning though I just ignore it.

LFR on the other hand is another issue. If Kel'thuzad players are present one can always expect some sort of smack down. People are getting tired of it though. Its not unusal to see one get kicked. Last week I was in a run that kicked 5.
Hate will make you powerful....LET THE HATE FLOW THROUGH YOU!!!....

Sorry, just finished a star wars marathon....
I burned out on healing before there was a LFD.

I wouldn't necessarily attach the two. Though if you still like healing your guild, then there might be a correlation.

Most groups I run into with scenarios and LFD and LFR are fine. Every now and then I run into someone annoying, but they're few and far between.
wow players expect too much these days. we are all spoiled brats now.

I used to heal on my druid, shaman and priest but didn't do too much on my pally. yesterday i geared up on healling gear because i had some from greed drops and the pvp gear is cheap.

i am going to go heal with a thick skin and see whether or not i get kicked. I'm sure i can do it so if my group wipes, I am not going to feel bad for them, because pulling too large of groups or not using the correct mechanics is usually the problem anyway. dps needs to throw the bombs at the right time etc.
Vanilla wow was not completely void of jerks, elitists, and immature people in general. Though they were few and far between. As the years progressed, the game began to change and somewhat cater more to beings of lower intellect and maturity. Thus, more and more of these people flocked to the game. That is not to say that every aspect of the game was made easier, more of it seemed to be designed to appeal more for the lazy player rather than the player of lower intellect. Though both players began to enjoy the game more as a result of these changes. Also, players that once were about progression and teamwork "the hard way" started to adopt the same traits of the players who were lazy and/or immature. In the end we have gotten a monster mash of elitist-lazy children that seem to have spread through the world of warcraft like a plague. There is rarely a player that I come across that is not quick to jump to the simple conclusion that no one is as smart or awesome as they are, and feels like they should resort to profanity to get their point across. They push players to the ground then kick them while they are down.

I never understood the reason for such behavior. But, this is what any new player should expect when they come to the game.

If I was blizzard I would be taking this seriously. Its no wonder the wow population yo-yo's all the time. They come out with a new expansion then people start to play, then they see how the players are so they quit because they say, "Id rather not be treated like garbage on a daily basis."

I still play this game because I was around in vanilla. I remember what it was like to gain a boat load of friends quickly just for being around. It didnt matter if you were the best or the worst player. In fact, I was a complete noob back then, but it didnt matter. My guild still took me everywhere with them. They still let me tank in raids (which were 40 man back then), they had no problem teaching me things along the way because we were all learning together. And now even though all of my old guild mates have long since retired from the game and moved on to different things. I am still here remembering it as if it happened yesterday. I still make friends, though it is much harder to do so these days unless you are top ranked in pvp or in a guild that has heroics on farm. I anticipate that I will be around for a long time. Wow will always have a place in my heart and memories and even though I may take breaks from time to time, (RL>WoW) I will always return.
Thanks guys, I definitely appreciate hearing your thoughts and I agree with them. I was also here in Vanilla, just about a month or two before BC was released. I have many the same thoughts and experiences as you Zen. One of the biggest draws of the game was just having fun and testing both yourself as a player and a group as a whole through trial and error. Now it seems like the game is focused towards, "grab gear and vanish." I remember in Vanilla where your friends and realm members actually had to like you enough to think that burning 20 minutes running up to a summoning stone was worth their time. Do you know how many people I lovingly schmoozed into doing that? Don't get me wrong, I was also the one to run up myself when I drew the short straw! It was time consuming but people appreciated your work to get them there.

I still like healing. I love the mechanics of healing specs, just like I enjoy the mechanics of tanking. It's the people that could ruin it if I let them. Most of these groups I'm in, I realize that if I met them and they spoke that way IRL, I wouldn't even flick a dirty bandaid at them if they needed one. And as Elohym said, I think many players are spoiled brats and expect too much - by far they expect way too much forgiveness and tolerance of their terrible mouths and snotty dispositions. I readily admit more than once I have let someone decked out in heirlooms who pulls while I'm tanking eat the aggro it because they are in a rush. I used to be seriously irritated with it. It's so common these days that I just shrug and tramp over their corpse, telling heals to rez them if they want, but the person will probably just pull and die again. Then I feel like a jerk for being that way about my own attitude... I don't think that back in my first two years or more of WoW I'd ever be so incredibly callous.

The hatred and the impatience are two aspects I still struggle to comprehend. Alright so you logged into a game because you want to hurry to 90. Then you get to 90 and are super awesome but also complaining you're super bored. So you start another character and repeat the same cycle, rushing again to 90. Wait what, you're 90 and bored again? Oh and you have TONS of friends to talk to because you've such a pleasant attitude? No, not really? Huh. Go figure.

I'd still like to hear other thoughts/opinions, please continue to submit if you like!
~Peace Maati
I've been here since the beginning and the forums and chat channels have always been the way they are.

The only thing that's changed is that Blizzard now forces you to pug with all the people everyone ignored before because they complained they had to stand around for hours in a city to get a group. But you don't have to pug - you didn't then and you certainly don't now. The incentives for pugging (if you're a competent raider or pvper) have never been lower than they are now.
Maati, you more than anyone have the power to help "correct" bad gameplay. Dps pulls? Don't heal them. Tank zergs faster than you like. Don't heal them. Pets taunting left and right? Don't heal them, or their masters.

If you would have left and ate the debuff anwyays, why would you care if they kick you? As long as healers are willing to carry bad gameplay, why would they ever change?

FYI, I leave many many dungeons as well. A single cuss word towards me or anyone in party gets reported, and I leave as soon as boss #1 drops.
I'm not seeing anywhere near as much "hate" as the rest of you seem to.

In any event, what we're talking about is broken players, & there is no software patch to fix that.
02/08/2013 04:08 AMPosted by Crepe
Most groups I run into with scenarios and LFD and LFR are fine. Every now and then I run into someone annoying, but they're few and far between.

The first Outland dungeon I healed, I got screamed at by a warlock because I let him die.
The tank made a massive pull, I was struggling to keep the tank up, the lock decided to agro an imp, then let it kill him rather than use what was available to him and banish it.

Yep, must have been my fault.
I've never healed another dungeon since.

Once upon a time, LFD had a certain level of courtesy attached.
..then people started realising how large the pool of players was, and that the chance of ever being grouped with any of those players ever again was extremely remote, and people started treating others like dirt, simply because Blizzards "reactive policy" in regards to reports of vulgar abuse aren't acted on heavilly enough to be a concern to anyones bad behaviour.
Muted in chat for a while? - treated as some sort of small victory, knowing that they annoyed someone enough to get reported for it.
3 hour suspension? - laughable.. usually seems to happen at a time when the player would be offline/sleeping anyway.

From all the time I've spent hanging around CSF, I've not seen anyone, ever, complain that they were suspended for more than 3 hours for a chat violation.
..and even seeing those is extremely rare, maybe 1 per year over the last 4 years.

LFD groups used to be courteous enough to at least say "hi" or /wave or /greet each other.
Now, if you zone in and say "hi", the most common response seems to be a 4 letter acronym for "be quiet please".

02/08/2013 05:47 AMPosted by Kessiaan
I've been here since the beginning and the forums and chat channels have always been the way they are.

I don't buy into this at all.
The forum is held to a MUCH higher standard of action than the game.
With the forum, any sort of vulgarity is acted on swiftly when it's reported.
The posts are removed, and the player is suspended/banned.
This simply doesn't happen ingame.
(but I'll leave it there, I don't want to get this thread locked) -_-
People who are hateful are easy to manipulate. So at least there's that entertainment.
You can be my tank Maati!
You're right Shaelo, as a tank or a healer there is an incredible ability to see a group members poor behavior going punished. If they play their role well and don't make stupid pulls, I'll just ignore their comments and push through the dungeons. A lot of players can manage the mechanics fine, their personalities not so much. I'll even heal the silly players making bad choices, IF I honestly think they are making first time mistakes. That doesn't bother me - of course I'll also point out what they need to do differently for a smoother encounter.

A few weeks ago I was on my shammy healing BRD. The tank, a warrior pulled three mobs intentionally and wiped us three times in different places. This was happening for absolutely no reason. He didn't say a word in chat, didn't complain - not a peep from him. I asked him if he was okay, he didn't respond. After the third wipe I went to remove him from the group and found out that he couldn't be kicked from group for 2 hours. So he was just wiping the group left and right because he could. I asked him, "So you're taking advantage of the fact you can't be kicked for two hours huh?" THAT was the only statement that got him to respond with, "lol yeah." We all had to leave the party and take the 30 minute debuff. I don't know if anyone ever reported him from that group. I didn't, unfortunately. I was so disgusted I smashed my power button off on my PC and walked away.

Another good one was two nights ago in battle for gilneas where a DK had an issue with me defending a flag node. He was adamant I go off to another node and heal. I refused so he and his buddy marked me as away. Before I could engage an enemy, BAM, booted from the battle. It actually worked out in my favor though because I logged another character, hit a different BG rotation and hit a 9 battle winning streak. So there was definitely a silver lining to that cloud.

In essence, it's just vile, mean, hateful stuff that people bring into WoW today. Jerks seem to look for ways they can use the game to abuse other players, be it through words or actions. They do it and very successfully - it's those things that makes me question why I still log in. Whether you're great as a player, or suck as a player, that is not my worry. I have enough patience to talk people through things, and sometimes I even need pointers or reminders myself. My main gripe overall is about respect. And yes, that is a problem of broken players - not a broken game. The never easy question is, they pay their money to abuse us, do I really want to keep paying money to run into them and take the abuse? Hmmmm....
In any event, what we're talking about is broken players, & there is no software patch to fix that.

^ This. Blizzard caters to bads because $15/month is $15/month no matter who pays. Makes sense from a business standpoint but it kinda screws over the mature, talented players that have to deal with scrubs.
This is what we were asking for when we wanted WoW to be successful and played by mainstream gamers.

We created this.

We didn't listen.
Everyone has said how I feel eloquently. But I feel for you, as a fellow healer. /hug

I'm tired of the negativity too. We'd all do much better if we didn't go around treating each other like the hated sibling.

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